The UAE Family Duathlon attracts sports families


The UAE Family Duathlon attracts sports families

The race starts Friday and dedicated to the teams

In a series of initiatives organized by the UAE Triathlon Association, during the period of sports activity suspension, the Family Virtual UAE Duathlon, will be launched on Friday, May 15, aiming to encourage families to exercise their sports as the most important reasons for happiness, public health, and the race will provide an opportunity for young athletes and families to learn about this type of race. Specifically, the Duathlon, a three-athletic race, consists of two sports running and cycling, and the race starts with running then cycling, and ends with running.

The UAE Virtual Family Championship is dedicated to teams, where each family can form a team of 2 or 3 members from relatives of the first degree, as a team consisting of "father and son", or "father and son and daughter", or "mother and son", or "mother and daughter”, "Or" a child with his uncle, "provided that in each team there is a child no more than 14 years old".

The move to allocate a race for families to promote the sport in the same family, and to sow the love of sport in the young, as it is certain that the children's vision of their parents, who practice sport side by side, and in a fun atmosphere will gain them and grow their love of sport, and this will reflect on the development of their levels. They are being held to be a distant future. Sports, with its fundamental value in maintaining physical fitness and the public health of society, are important means of spreading happiness among people. 

The association will adopt the family category in all its coming championships, especially after the return of external sports activities, confirming that when the young people grow up in the middle of a family that adopts sport as a way of life and on education by example, we will be on time with the birth of many sports heroes in the near future, and there are several models of UAE sports families, including the family of the champion of the UAE in the Iron Man "Abdul Rahman Al Hosani", and the family of "Jabr", as well as the family of "Khaled Almajar", which was distinguished in its participation recently, and remarkably the child Afra appeared as the youngest the UAE Triathlon player, always accompanying her parents in competitions and virtual training.

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