The Triathlon Association organizes a virtual race with an Arab participation


The Triathlon Association organizes a virtual race with an Arab participation

Khaled Al Fahim: The race is one of the initiatives of the association supporting the national campaign "stay home"

Asmaa AL Janahi: The challenge carried a message "No impossible"..  The more challenges the more we will be innovates

The UAE Triathlon Association launched a new initiative in its march toward serving society and athletes during the period of the suspension of sports activity, and established the first virtual remote video communication technology competition for the people of determination in cooperation with Zayed High Foundation for People of Determination, Al Ain Club for People of Determination and Jamal AL Shafar challenging initiative. The race was challenged as the participating heroes were keen to offer their best, even if the race was remote, and the competitions continued amid great excitement among all, and it was increased by the attendance of several officials from the corporations and individuals to follow the race, headed by Hessa Boumahmeid, the Minister of Community Development.  

        The player with the silver of the Asian Championship in Uzbekistan, Ayed AL Ahbabi, the bronze medal holder in the Asian Games in Indonesia, Rashed AL Zahri, the Asian champion in Spear, Shot and Disc, Hussein Al Mazem, UAE champion and fourth Asia and World Champion in Youth Athletics, Abd Allah AL Ghafri, UAE champion and World Youth Games, Abdul Aziz Al Kindi, from Al Ain Club for People of Determination, Muhammad Al Mazrouei, World Champion for Youth in Switzerland, Ahmed Nawad, Moroccan and African Champion, the Moroccan Mohamed Al Kushi, champion of the Sultanate of Oman  the Omani Ali Al Saadi,  the champion of Kuwait, and the fourth world championship for wheelchairs Faisal Al Rajhi, Kuwaiti Ahmed Al Anizi, the Gulf champion in Jordan and Kuwaiti champion  have participated in the virtual race.

 The event was attended by Khaled Al Fahim, Chairman of the UAE Triathlon Association, Asmaa Al Janahi, Board Member, Abdullah Al Hamidan, and Secretary General of Zayed higher Foundation for people of determination, Ismail Al Maraziq, Director of Clubs Management at Zayed Higher Institution for People of Determination, and Ziban Al Muhairi, Secretary of the UAE Paralmia Committee, Jamal Al Shafar an UAE businessman and sponsor of the initiative, and Hassan Habib, Vice President of Dubai Sports Channels. the Tunisian race was judged by Reda Al Sudani, Al Ain coach for People of Determination, Mohammed Yahya, the coach of the Abu Dhabi Club of People of Determination, and Sumar Hassan from Khorfakkan Club for People of Determination, and the race lasted for half an hour, The jury followed all the contestants through the live broadcast of each participating player.

 Khaled Abdel Karim Al Fahim, the president of the UAE Triathlon Association, confirmed that the race represents one of the initiatives of the community association that we have launched with the national campaign "Committed to Homeland, Stay Home", and stressed that the race achieved a great success and witnessed competitions that were admired by the followers and those who carried out the event. This encourages the organization of similar races that put the Triathlon players from different categories in complete readiness to overcome the dilemma of stopping official activities because of the disease of Corona virus, confirming that the association was keen on organizing the event after fulfilling the necessary health conditions.

Jamal AL Shafar: The Prestigious Image

Businessman Jamal Al Shafar stressed that the initiatives launched by the Triathlon Association have created a great momentum in practicing virtual sport. He added: “We stand with all athletes and our goal is to spread sport among all groups of society. We were very pleased with this virtual race and its participants, and everyone joined together to honor it. ” He gave a speech to athletes to look forward to the atonization of the crowning platforms in the world championships. 

Al Hamidan: A Unique Initiative that Deserves Thanks 

Abdullah Al-Humaidan, the Secretary-General of the Zayed Higher Organization of People of Determination, thanked Khalid Al Fahim, Asmaa Al Janahi, Jamal Al Shafar, the coaches, and all the contestants, saying: “I enjoyed watching this unique race, and I see the determination and effort on the faces of the contestants. This is a really great initiative, and we thank all those who are responsible for it".  "The Zayed higher Foundation for People of Determination will work with the Emirates Association for Triathlon to organize a virtual race that brings together the world's champions from all continents, to be a global initiative," he added.

Asmaa AL Janahi: A great Race 

Asmaa Al Janahi, a member of the UAE Triathlon Association Board of Directors, welcomed the participants and followers of the event, and said: "It was a special day and a wonderful race that brought together a group of heroes from the Arab world, from the category of people of determination, to participate in the extraordinary virtual race. The event brought together cyclists and wheelchairs, and during their cycling and running exercises, their brothers of triathlon players shared them".

She added "The challenge has been a significant message that it is impossible, no matter how the conditions around us change and how the lifestyle we are accustomed to changes, we in the UAE can face challenges and continue to work, give and deliver, in every positive and distinct spirit.  The more challenges we will create, the more we will produce new achievements". 

Regarding the race, Asmaa AL Janahi said: "The race was full of a high positive energy that all participants and viewers felt through social media channels, and it was perhaps a wonderful community initiative from the UAE Triathlon Association, which aimed from the beginning to continue the competition and to integrate all athletes, confirming that everyone can participate in the exercise, everyone depends on his ability, and whatever his circumstances are".

"Katkot" Shines Under the Sun 

The player Mohamed Al Mazroui (katkot) particularly shined during the race and won the praise of all the participants, after he overcome his difficult circumstances that prevented him from using the wheelchair for the races, and determined to participate in his daily chair in front of his house, after his father and the people of his region secured the race track chosen by the player to participate. Everyone praised his insistence and strong determination, and Jamal Al Shafar decided to award "katkot" a special award in recognition of the spirit of challenge and persistence. This was due to the additional effort he made during the race, which has inspired many.

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