UAE Emarati Team dominates Hatta Triathlon

UAE Emarati Team dominates Hatta Triathlon
UAE Emarati Team dominates Hatta Triathlon


UAE Emarati Team dominates Hatta Triathlon

UAE Emarati team achieved amazing results in Hatta triathlon held on 1 Nov. 2019 facing a strong competition. Where Saif Ali Al Modaad came in the first position, followed by Mohsen Al Ali in second position and Mohammed Al Ghafri the third position in Sprint category.

While Emarati female athlete Asma Al Janahi came in first and the third position in age group 19-29  in sprint category

In youth category too, the Emarati athletes dominated the three top ranks with Hamdan Ahmed in the first position, Ahmad Al Mari in second position and Saeed Al Jumairi in third position in Super Sprint category (375 m swim, 27 km run, 10 km cycle and 430 m run).

Hatta Triathlon is considered on of the toughest race courses in UAE due to its varied terrain of running and cycling up and down Hatta hills. 

The race started with running for 2.7 km followed by 750 m swimming, then running for 2.7 km for the second time, then cycling for 20 km and ending it with 430 m run.

The race included 300 male and female athletes from all nationalities, including 30 UAE nationals.

UAE Triathlon Association appreciates Super sports for the well organized race and special recognition for UAE Triathletes.

As UAE Triathlon Association team are always present in the event to support and attend to triathletes needs, Mr. Ahmad Jaber , deputy chairman of the association participated in the sprint category, Asma Al Janahi board of director member of the association and Juma Al Meqbaali, member of the technical committee attended the race.

Triathlon race is combined of three stages starting with swimming then cycling, ending in running.

The athletes must exert balance energy during each stage of the race to sustain their stamina while transitioning from a stage to the other no stop.  Timing depends also on how fast the athlete changes his gear between each stage of the race in a dedicated area.

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