UAE players shine in triathlon competitions


UAE players shine in triathlon competitions

The UAE triathlon players presented high levels during the Yas Triathlon Challenge that was held last Friday on Yas Island in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

This is the tenth edition of the tournament, which increases the number of participants annually, as the number of participants reached nearly 820 players.

The UAE triathlon players achieved high results in this championship, as the junior team player and the youth club representative Al-AhlyHamdan Ahmed achieved second place in the overall total for the Super Sprint distance which includes (375 meters swimming, 11 kilometers bicycles, and 2.5 kilometers running). Meanwhile, Al-Jazira representative, Abdullah Al-Laqiti, ranked third on the overall total for the Olympic distance, which includes (1.5 km swimming, 38 km bicycles, and 10 km running). In the distance sprint competition, player Abdullah Farhan ranked first among the age groups for this distance that includes (750 meters swimming, 22 kilometers bicycles, and 5.5 kilometers running).

Fares Al Zaabi, Mohsen Al Ali and Muhammad Tarmum Al Kathiri participated in the professional category for a distance that the Emirates Triathlon player Faris Al Zaabi won first place in the citizens category and fifth in the overall group, while Mohsen Al Ali won second place in the citizen category and seventh place The overall total is only 8 seconds apart from the owner of the first position, while the player Muhammad Tarumum ranked third.

The youngsters also had a share in the competition, most notably the achievement of player Afra Khaled, the third place for the category of children under ten years for a distance of 200 meters swimming, 6.6 kilometers for bicycles, and 1.5 kilometers running, and the player Marwan Ahmed ranked fifth for the category of children under fourteen years for a distance of 200 meters Swimming, 10 km bikes, and 2.5 km running. 

On the other hand, player Sari Al Hammadi won first place in the Gulf Cooperation Council category in the Iron Man Championship that was held on the same day in the sister Sultanate of Oman and qualified for the Iron Man World Championship to be held in New Zealand next November, and he will leave the trio to represent the country in this championship together where he was Two players, Abdul Rahman Al Hosani and Abdullah Al Luqiti, qualified for this tournament earlier.


The UAE Triathlon Association is proud of the achievements of its youth in this sporting season and wishes them more success and provide better levels in the upcoming tournaments and brilliance on local and international coronation platforms

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