Important Decisions For The UAE Triathlon, The Most Prominent Of Which Is The Formation Of The Youth And Women's Teams.


Important Decisions For The UAE Triathlon, The Most Prominent Of Which Is The Formation Of The Youth And Women's Teams.

The Board of Directors of the UAE Triathlon Association adopted a number of important decisions in preparation for strengthening the current qualitative shift of the triathlon at the local and international levels, this came during a meeting of the Board of Directors that was held at the Businessmen Club at the Dubai Financial Center headed by His Excellency Khaled Abdul Karim Al Fahim and the membership of both Ahmed Al Haj and Abdul Malik Jani And the names of Youssef Al-Janahi, Ahmed Al-Shamsi and Al-Hassan Aqili.

Al-Fahim offered congratulations and congratulations on the wise leadership of the United Arab Emirates on the occasion of choosing the year 2020 as the year of "preparation for the fifty", stressing that the Emirates Triathlon Association will be at the level of responsibility and duties it undertakes to support the Emirati sport.

The UAE Triathlon Association extended an invitation to sports clubs in all emirates of the country to include the sport of triathlon, which contributes to the spread of the game and ensure the provision of professional training for the players. She pledged to provide the technical, organizational and media support available to her in a way that contributes to publicizing sport in clubs, making it a platform to contain the players and train them in an optimal way and paves the way for a future nucleus for the national teams so that the sons of the state have a prominent presence on the local and international coronation platforms.

The meeting also decided to use a number of qualified training cadres to qualify the players of the national team for the upcoming international championships and within the strategic plan for the advancement of the game, and during the meeting, the technical and organizational regulations related to rewarding players with sports achievements were approved, and the President of the Association thanked the sports councils in the country for its prominent role And influencing the development of sports in general, stressing that the Emirates Triathlon Department is looking for a joint and fruitful cooperation during the coming period in support of the technical and organizational returns of the UAE sports, and that the triathlon will have a prominent role In that, he affirmed that he directed the technical committee to communicate with sports councils and clubs to agree on concrete and effective cooperation.

On the sidelines of the meeting, the two hero players NuhaLuqman and Asma Abdul Rahim Al-Janahi were honored in recognition of the association for their outstanding efforts in the sport of triathlon and being a role model for Emirati women looking to achieve the best achievements and for their unlimited giving, and directed them members to preserve what has been accomplished and strengthened for the coming period, This comes in conjunction with their honor during the Dubai Women's Triathlon, where the player Asmaa Abdul Rahim Al-Janahi was honored as the first citizen player to participate in the Iron Man Championship 70.3, and the race was completed until its end, and the player Nuha Lukman was the first female citizen to participate in the triathlon races in the distance Olympic and wish them to continue and more achievements.

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