A Fruitful Meeting of the UAE Triathlon Association with the Dubai Club for People of Determination


A Fruitful Meeting of the UAE Triathlon Association with the Dubai Club for People of Determination

A plan to organize the Paratriathlon in Dubai

The World Championship in Abu Dhabi is Witnessing the First Participation of the People of Determination

The UAE Triathlon Sports Association announced the first participation of UAE people of determination in the World Triathlon Championship, in the world championship hosted by the capital, Abu Dhabi, next March.

This came after the fruitful meeting held by the association with the Dubai Club for the Disabled, in order to promote the sport of the Triathlon in the club, and to contribute to the qualification of the players to participate in various Triathlon competitions in the coming period, and then to reinforce the successes that the people of determination achieved in various international and domestic sporting championships.

The meeting, which was held at the club’s headquarters in Dubai, witnessed the attendance of Khalid Abdul Karim Al Fahim, Chairman of the UAE Triathlon Association, and the President of the West Asian Federation, and Asmaa Yousuf Al Janahi, a member of the Board of Directors of the Association, while the Dubai Club of People of Determination was represented by Thani Jumaa Balraqad, Chairman of the Club Board of Directors, Majid Al Osaimi, CEO of the club. Chairman of the Asian Paralympic Committee, and Hassan Al Mazroui the member of the Board of Directors.

The most prominent points that were discussed during the meeting were the registration of the two players from the club in the World Triathlon Championship hosted by Abu Dhabi next March. Thus, the number of participants in the championship increased from the category of UAE people of determination to 4 players, in the first participation of this category in a world championship, by the participation of two of them in the professional category.

It was also confirmed during the meeting that the Triathlon is an Olympic sport with a great history, and it appeared for the first time in the Olympic Games in the Sydney version in 2000 and this game has already become one of the most exciting sports in the world that is characterized by excitement, in addition to that this sport enjoys a wide audience. This sport was also marked by the presence of competitions for people of determination. It is called "Paratriathlon" and is subject to the umbrella of the International Triathlon Federation, and it also consists of three sports, namely: swimming, cycling, running or wheelchair, and "Paratriathlon" was included for the first time in the Summer Olympic Games in Brazil In 2016, and competitions in this sport are held as follows: 750 meters swimming, 20 km cycling, 5 km running or in a wheelchair.

The meeting also resulted in an ambitious vision to organize the Paratriathlon Championship in Dubai during the coming period, provided that the tournament will be available to Asian or international players.

It is worth noting that sports clubs in the country have expressed great cooperation with the UAE Triathlon Association, as it has been working to publicize the sport of Triathlon in succession, and strives diligently to support this sport by players who are able to represent the clubs in the best possible way in the near future by learning how to train on this sport and Its techniques and laws, which enhances the spread of the game in the various Emirates of the country with competitive and high levels.

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