Khaled Al Fahim Is Acting President Of West Asia For The Triathlon.

Khaled Al Fahim Is Acting President Of West Asia For The Triathlon.
Khaled Al Fahim Is Acting President Of West Asia For The Triathlon.


Khaled Al Fahim Is Acting President Of West Asia For The Triathlon.

The Executive Office of the West Asian Federation of Triathlon assigned His Excellency Khaled Abdel Karim Al Fahim, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the UAE Triathlon Association, to the mission of Acting President of the Federation after the apology of the representative of the State of Kuwait, former President of the Federation Sheikh Fahd Al-Sabah, during his meeting held on the sidelines of the establishment of the West Asian Triathlon Championship, which concluded yesterday In Manama, in the sister kingdom of Bahrain, until the next office meeting, during which the new president will be chosen in early 2020 The choice of His Excellency Khalid Al Fahim is a valued appreciation of the position of the United Arab Emirates and its strategic role in supporting and succeeding the tasks it undertakes in all aspects, including in the sports aspect,

His Excellency Khalid Al Fahim welcomed his assignment by the members of the Federation's executive office (confirming that he would seek to be worthy of the responsibility entrusted to him and entrust the family of West Asia to the triathlon and what contributes to continuing its development towards the best, indicating that the sport of triathlon is witnessing an important escalation in its acceptance among the majority of society as a sport that is original and popular with the souls of people It has become a popular sport with a rapid spread and deserves all attention and support to go far in supporting its practice and to serve the community.

In the most prominent decisions of the meeting, which was attended by representatives of 10 countries, during which an agreement was reached to develop a comprehensive development plan aimed at enhancing its outstanding competitions and participation so that it will start from the year 2020. The meeting also discussed the internal system of the Union and what is commensurate with a prominent qualitative shift in its activities that enhances its continuity in an upward spirit to the best.

The State of Kuwait was designated as the venue for the next meeting to complete and approve the plan for the new season. Representatives of the Emirates, Jordan, Bahrain, Oman and Palestine participated in the meeting.Iraq, Lebanon, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia as an honorary member, in preparation for their formal accession during the coming period.

His Excellency Khaled Al Fahim thanked and appreciated the Triathlon Union in the sisterly Kingdom of Bahrain for the authentic Arab hospitality and hospitality that paved the way for the success of the meeting and the establishment of competitions, stressing that this is the secret of the longevity of success that characterized the sports gathering of triathlon practitioners and its fans.

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