Selecting members of our national triathlon team for adults and juniors through the Fujairah Triathlon in its second edition

Selecting members of our national triathlon team for adults and juniors through the Fujairah Triathlon in its second edition

The UAE Triathlon Association has announced its cooperation with the organizing committee of the Fujairah Triathlon Championship, which is held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad Al Sharafi, Crown Prince of Fujairah, which begins on November 23 in Fujairah, to select the UAE triathlon team and the junior team. Levels and results of national players from a qualified group of coaches and technicians and then select the best elements to represent the country in the sport of triathlon, in order to prepare our national team to participate in the West Asian Championship hosted by the Kingdom of Bahrain on December 4 next.

The association invites all national triathlon practitioners to participate in registering in the next Fujairah race to get the chance to enter the national team. The race will include the following categories:

 Super Sprint (350m Swimming - 10km Bicycle - 2.5km Running), Sprint (750m Swimming - 20km Bicycle - 5km Running), Olympic (1500m Swimming - 40km Bicycle - 10km Running).

HE Ahmed Al Haj, Vice Chairman of the UAE Triathlon Association, said that the association is working hard to support the participation of citizens in this sport by providing technical support to the organizers of the triathlon races, and through communication with the national players and encourage them to participate in various competitions. He expressed his thanks to the Fujairah Triathlon team for their efforts in organizing the upcoming event and for hosting the association's initiative in selecting the UAE triathlon team for both adult and junior categories. He added: "The current tournament will be a great opportunity for the contestants to give their best in order to reserve a place in our new national team, as the tournament will be the focus of attention of the technical and administrative staff of the senior and junior national team to choose the outstanding players."

Brigadier Ahmed Hamdan Al Zeyoudi, Executive Director of Fujairah Martial Arts Club, thanked the Emirates Triathlon Association for its great role in spreading the game in the UAE and its cooperation in organizing the Fujairah Triathlon Championship, and appreciated the efforts of the Association in supporting and spreading the culture of triathlon among the youth of the precious nation. Mr. Mohsen Al Ali, Director of Fujairah Triathlon Championship and UAE Triathlon Team Player, said that organizing local competitions will spread triathlon in the UAE, especially among the youth.He expressed his thanks and appreciation for the constructive cooperation and technical and logistical support provided by the association. He wished her well in her endeavor to bring the game to the highest prospects in future foreign benefits.

Triathlon is one of the types of complex races, a triathlon that starts with swimming and cycling, and ends with running, and the player must balance his energy between the three sports as they perform without success. Triathlon competitions also depend on the speed of switching between clothes and shoes for each stage of the game. The final time of the competition is calculated including the transition times between swimming, cycling and running, and in each race there is a transition place where athletes change their tools for different stages of the race

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