UAE Triathlon Association organizes a brain storming session for its practitioners and those interested in it

The UAE Triathlon Associationt organizes a brain storming session for its practitioners and those interested in it

The UAE Triathlon Association organized a brainstorming session with a group of athletes interested in this sport, to come up with initiatives to develop the sport of triathlon in the United Arab Emirates, and included an intensive discussion on how to encourage Emirati women to participate in this sport and how to adopt young Emirati talent from Gender reaches professionalism and representation of the state in world championships.

Abu Dhabi won the 2022 World Triathlon Championship, the largest in the world organized by the International Triathlon Federation.

Al Fahim: We are inspired by the vision of good leadership

Khalid Al Fahim, Chairman of the UAE Triathlon Association, said: “His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has taught us that 'sport is a community culture that directs energies into a positive path'. There is no ceiling on the aspirations of sporting activity and that sport is a national work and a kind of production. Requires effort and striving to win him in every positive spirit.

He added that we were keen to involve the triathlon practitioners in this session to ensure ideas from their experience and experience and thus to develop effective plans to become a reality, and we were keen to involve the community in the brainstorming through a live broadcast of the session presented on the Instagram channel of the association @Triathlon_uae.

At the end of Haditha, he stressed the association's keenness to hold many courses and workshops to prepare and qualify many national elements to participate in the World Triathlon 2022 World Championship, the largest in the world organized by the International Federation of the game, which we have hosted in the United Arab Emirates.

Names: Great interaction

Asma al-Janahi, a member of the Association's Board of Directors and a member of the Women's Committee of the Asian Triathlon, said that the session was characterized by a high positive spirit from the participants and were able to come up with ideas from their experience in order to promote this sport in the country and specifically to encourage different groups of society to participate to achieve the goal. The supreme is the representation of the state in world championships as well as for the purposes underlying the sport.

Themes of the session

The session focused on how to support triathlon players in the country (allocation of internal training places especially in the summer, spreading awareness of safety and security guidelines), organizing discussion sessions in schools and universities to educate students and young people about the sport of triathlon and allocating intensive training programs to qualify the talented.


Triathlon is the fastest-growing sport in the world recently, a triathlon that starts with swimming and cycling, and ends with running.This sport relies on endurance, strength and fitness as well as the speed of switching between each of the three stages of the game.

The game is an attraction

Triathlon has many advantages and positives that are attractive to practice despite the diversity of difficult races, and what you need for a great effort but very fun makes you aspire for more training and enter more races and team spirit, and help to organize time and change lifestyle for the best and gives them self-confidence, The age factor is a barrier to exercise and many older people over the age of 40 are passionate about it.

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