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The UAE Triathlon Association is the governing body of Triathlon in the United Arab Emirates. The Association and its Executive Board was declared and formed in accordance with the decision of the General Authority for Youth & Sports Welfare (YSW) issued during its fifth Board Meeting on October 26, 2016. The Association aims to spread the culture of Triathlon in UAE, discover & develop national talent as well as to build high-level sports generation to represent the country in world Championships. The Executive Board is chaired by H.E. Khalid AbdulKareem AlFaheem and comprises of the following Directors : Mr. Ahmed Rashed AlShamsi, Ms. Asma Yousif AlJanahi, Dr.Amer AlAmeri, Mr. Hamed Mubarak AlHarthi, Mr. Ahmed Ali AlHaj and Mr. AbdulMalik Mohammed Jani.

Triathlon is a contests competition consisting of three continuous and non-stop competitions that begin with swimming, cycling and running. The winner is the athlete who achieved the fastest time in the competition in general as well as the speed of transition from one competition to another. The name Triathlon is based on two words mean three and a competition in Greek.

The triathlon appeared in the early 20th century in various forms of three different sports, but since the 1920s, the three sports in France have appeared in competitions of swimming, running and cycling without a fixed arrangement. The current form of triathlon sport appeared in the United States in 1974 when the first contests of 46 participants began with swimming then cycling and ended with running. The International Triathlon Union (ITU) was founded in 1989. ITU organizes the World Cup and the International Triathlon Series annually, in addition to many professional and youth tournaments.

Triathlon entered the Olympic Games at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, where Olympic competitions were organized from 1,500 meters of swimming, 40 kilometers of cycling and 10 kilometers of running. Paratriathlon held in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games, with 750m of swimming, 20km cycling, and 5km of running. Paratriathlon is a variant of the triathlon for athletes with a physical disability.

Board of Director

2016 - 2020
Board Of Director
H.E. Khalid Abdul Kareem AlFaheem Chairman
Board Of Director
Dr.Amer Al Ameri          Member
Board Of Director
Ms.Asma Yousuf Al Janahi Member
Board Of Director
Mr.Abdulmalik Mohammed Jani Member
Board Of Director
Mr.Hamed Mubarak Al Harthi Member
Board Of Director
Mr.Ahmed Ali Al Haj      Member
Board Of Director
Mr.Ahmed Rashed Al Shamsi Member

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